• Mit Winter

NCAA committees to propose big changes on how athletes can make money

Steve Berkowitz


NCAA committees that have been studying how Division I schools should change rules regarding athletes’ ability to make money from their name, image and likeness will be proposing conceptual changes that include allowing athletes to promote commercial products and services, sell memorabilia and autographs and publicize appearances, camps, clinics or lessons for which they could be paid, according to a person with knowledge of the proposal.

The person requested anonymity because details of the plan had not been made public by the association. The contents of the proposal are scheduled to be discussed Friday during a meeting of the NCAA Division I Council, the division’s primary rules-making group.

In addition, athletes would not be allowed to reference the names of their schools in connection with these activities, nor would they be allowed to use the schools’ marks and logos. Schools would not be allowed to be directly involved in arranging these proposed activities for athletes. Athletes would be allowed the use of professional services to assist them.

No votes are to be taken Friday, and a final report by the committees is not set to be made until Tuesday when the NCAA Board of Governors, the association’s top policy-making group, is scheduled to meet. The Board of Governors has said it wants rules changes ready to be voted on no later than January 2021.

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